Area of Practice


Mr. Mordarski is available to serve as a private mediator or arbitrator in Ohio and West Virginia to assist lawyers and litigants resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.   His extensive and diverse civil litigation background includes both personal injury and commercial litigation.  This perspective provides Mr. Mordarski with a broad foundation to mediate or arbitrate most civil litigation matters.

Some mediators tell the participants that they will not give an opinion about the case or provide an opinion about what the case is worth. Some mediators are simply “message carriers.”  Mr. Mordarski will tell mediation participants what he thinks about the case.  And, if necessary, will tell them what he thinks the case is worth, if that will help facilitate a resolution.

Mr. Mordarski is available to serve as an arbitrator to professionally arbitrate construction, insurance and other commercial or personal injury disputes.

Mr. Mordarski volunteers as a mediator for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio and the Franklin County Common Pleas Court.